Conflict, intolerance and misunderstanding are destabilizing regions, countries and communities around the world. Interculture Foundation was formed in 2008 to develop strategies for changing the perceptions of others and ourselves so that we better understand one another and improve relationships between us.

Our goal is to create new “between” spaces in which people from different cultures and political perspectives can engage each other and tell their stories so that they foster understanding, compassion, dignified co-existence, and even collaboration. To most effectively materialize our objective, we collaborated with the most interesting and effective people we could find.

Our first project was underwriting and publishing the book “Voice of the People, the Transpartisan Imperative in American Life”, written by Lawry Chickering (Founder Educate Girls Globally) and James Turner (Nader’s Raiders) to bring awareness of the importance of collaboration across political, gender, religious and cultural differences in support of a common goal.

As we went on to develop projects to challenge the perspective of today’s society, and inspire a hard look at the context in which we live our lives, we went on to focus on changing the way that America is seen by those around the world. To do this, we took the time-tested values of the working cowboy, where one’s word is one’s bond, and wove a story in the form of a stage variety show, using the talent of those who also work the land. With the talent of people like Fred Newman and Henry Real Bird, Trail’s End Ranch Radio Show was born in San Francisco, then went on to play in Nevada, and finally in 2015 we travelled to Bulgaria on a ten-town tour over 13 days. From this we produced The Cowboy Pages Podcast, a 26 episode view into the perspective of the cowboy in modern life.

From here we have pursued projects to support the indigenous community and culture of the United States. Starting with the Aa Nii language preservation project, the Battle of Little Bighorn Reenactment, and the Fort Belknap Powow project.

In 2017 we expanded our impact in the world by offering fiscal sponsorship to a select number of projects that furthered our mission objective. Included in these is the organization HubSV, whose goal is to release the potential of the very best cross-border technology startups and Foreign Micro Enterprises (FMEs) by creating Silicon Valley partnership in order to improve local community economy around the world. In addition we also sponsor the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center, whose goal it is to teach entrepreneurism to local business builders, and DxRx, on a mission to break the hold of alcohol addition world-wide.

We welcome your support in developing our ability to provide funding for these and other projects.


A Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization | EIN #: 26-2224221